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LED RGB/ DMX Controller (LT-300 )

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LT-300 RGB/DMX Controller with LCD screen, which is dedicated to control entire synchronous color changes of Led lights with 4-pin 3-loop cables (common anode), 36 optional modes, built-in a standard DMX512 decoder to receive universal DMX512 signal. It can work standalone or work with DMX512 devices to recive standard DMX512 signal. Also.

it can add power repeater to expand power unlimitedly if one controller is not enough to provide the power output.

Installation User Guide

Product Parameter
LED RGB/ DMX Controller (LT-300)
  • Input voltage DC12V??DC24V
  • Max load current 8A/CH
  • Max load power 300W/600W(12V/24V)
  • Changing mode 36 changing modes
  • DMX512 standard DM??512/1990
  • DMX512 Socket Standard XLR-3 connector
  • working temperature -30????65??
  • Dimension L190??W120??H50mm
  • Package Size L210??W160??H65mm

    LED controller with RGB led strips:

    Example LED club bar lights:
    Example LED night club showcase lights:
    Example of what you can do with DMX LED lights:
    Example of software control, programing:
    Example of LED DMX512 light wall:

    Example of DMX LED light show, with DMX512 and px24500 DMX decoder:

    Example of DMX512 Controller and px24500 DMX decoder with led magic ball/cristal ball:

    Example of DMX512 Controller with px24500 DMX decoder software and what can be done:
    Example of DMX controller with lights " framebo
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